Upcoming Projects

- I'm extremely proud and excited to be recording my Second Symphony this year

- Full set of 24 Piano Preludes, 14 of which are complete.

- New commission for a Third Symphony

- Jubilee Fanfare for brass for the Queen's Platinum Jubilee


- Liberation Day 2022 Live performance of 'Faithful and Free'

- New music for choir

Past Projects

- 'Belle Rose' for SSAA choir with text in the rare Jèrriais language

- Release of documentary 'Music for an Occupied Island' concerning the composition of 'Faithful and Free' during lockdown in 2020

- 'Faithful and Free' for SSSAAA and string accompaniment commissioned by the States of Jersey to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the Liberation of Jersey

- Completion of 'This Marriage' for SATB a capella choir

- Completion of Piano Preludes in Bm, Cm, and Ebm

- 'Scent of an Ending' score for short film

- Completion of Second Symphony in Oxford and Jersey, entitled 'TWO BROTHERS: A War Memorial Symphony' following extensive research and travel across Jersey, France, and Belgium

- completed Prelude in D-sharp


- 'Twelve Tone Tennis' released

- Proud to be judging the Royal College of Music Student's Film Orchestra Composition Competition

- Full work on the Second Symphony commences

- Finished working as assistant on a wide range of projects including 'Hostiles' starring Rosamund Pike and Christian Bale, 'Guerrilla' for Sky, 'Taboo' for the BBC, 'The Leftovers' for HBO, 'Waltz With Bashir Live', 'Three Worlds: Music from Woolf Works' and a number of other projects

- Completed Prelude in D Minor

- Recording the incredible Gorkem Sen

- Proud to be judging the Royal College of Music's SFO Composition Competition again. There have been many fantastic entries this time.

- Completed Prelude in Ab major


- Began a new position assisting on The Leftovers, Guerrilla, Taboo, Hostiles, Waltz With Bashir Live, Exiles and other projects


- Completed Prelude in A major

- Mainly Two release video featuring Mayflies

(from 1:29 in)

- Theme from 'Stay' for piano and string orchestra is now available on youtube: