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     'ONE HOME' is an environmental symphony on a global scale, designed to inform and inspire positive action on climate change. The piece for large choir, orchestra and projector screen is structured in seven sections with one movement for each continent before a final merging of all themes in the last movement.

     We're working on crowdfunding a world-class recording of ONE HOME within the next 12 months, aiming to release a HD 360-degree video and recording on a range of digital platforms. More information coming soon.

     'ONE HOME' utilises a message and photograph from every country in the world, aiming to raise awareness of the global impacts of anthropogenic climate change. Featuring a record number of languages in a symphony, we've asked people from all over the world to tell us about something they love in a phrase with accompanying picture using the slogan 'For the love of...' in their native language. We are working in collaboration with the UK's largest environmental organisation, The Climate Coalition, who very kindly gave permission for their campaign idea to be used in this piece.

     The world premiere of ONE HOME: An Environmental Symphony took place in May 2016, in Villars-sur-Glane, Switzerland, performed by the Prague Symphonic Ensemble and the Ensemble Villars-sur-Glane.

     A second performance by the South Czech Philharmonic Orchestra took place in May 2018

     Follow our Instagram and Facebook pages to view some of the stunning photos we've received from every country in the world.

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